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2023 Schedule (Beginning Aug. 21st)


Teens/Adults   3:50pm-4:40pm

Black Belts      3:50pm-4:40pm

7-9yr olds         4:40pm-5:30pm

10-12yr olds      4:40pm-5:30pm

7-9yr olds         5:10pm-6:00pm

10-12yr olds       5:10pm-6:00pm


Ninjas               4:00pm-4:40pm

7-9yr olds         4:00pm-4:50pm

10-12yr olds      4:00pm-4:50pm

7-9yr olds         4:50pm-5:40pm

10-12yr olds      4:50pm-5:40pm

Teens/Adults   5:40pm-6:30pm

Black Belts       5:40pm-6:30pm

Availability in each of these classes is limited. Please contact us to see which class times have openings.

Students attend Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday classes. For youth and adult students the first class of each week focuses on Fundamental skills and techniques. The second class each week focuses on self defense skills.   

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