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Our purpose at Rise Martial Arts is to serve our students, members, and families at the highest level. To fulfill this goal, we constantly improve upon every thing we do to better the experience we offer. From curriculum development and life-skills education, to staff training and constantly updating our facilities, you can be confident we are always investing in ways to better serve you.

Our focus is on an environment of LEARNING. We believe that it is the path to constant growth and improvement. We invest our time and resources to provide progressive teaching methods, character development and a curriculum that is fun and effective. Maple Mountain Martial Arts is dedicated to cultivating an environment that inspires our students, members, and families to live their best life.



Our Youth Program Equip Your Child With Long-Lasting Character Traits

That's why we're here. Not to train the next professional fighter and not to teach your child how to be aggressive. We're here to encourage and promote well-rounded skill sets that set your child up for success in anything they do.

Our Kids program  provides the framework for students to learn skills that simply can't be taught in a classroom. Working with their peers and our highly skilled instructors, students quickly build traits like: 

  • Communication and leadership 

  • Teamwork and respect

  • Focus and attention to detail

  • Pride in the learning process

These traits take time but the process works! Seeing a child improve their techniques, and express positive character traits is what we are passionate about. 

About us

Teen/Adult Program:

Combine Taekwondo and various other styles For A Great Total-Body Workout In Our Adult Martial Arts Classes

Looking for a better workout than the classes offered at the gym? Join our Adult Program today and push your body like never before. 


With Our Adult Martial Arts Classes, You'll Never Struggle For Motivation Again

There's nothing worse than wandering over to the treadmill for another hour staring at the wall.

Let us put an end to that misery.

Our Adult Program will challenge your body and your mind each and every day. As you learn new skills, you'll push yourself to get stronger and fitter every step of the way. And with the help of our dedicated team, you'll never slip into the dreaded trap of a boring routine. Instead, you can learn something new every week and stay motivated by the constant growth and improvement you'll take on.

Our Adult Martial Arts Classes in Spanish Fork help you:

  • Boost your cardiovascular health with high-energy classes

  • Get the most out of every class with scalable movements and techniques

  • Enjoy support and motivation from our staff and your classmates

  • Walk away more confident and accomplished than ever before

Join Us Today For Our Adult Martial Arts Classes In Spanish Fork

Whether you're looking for a better way to stay in shape or you're hoping to shake up your routine with a new and exciting challenge, our Adult Martial Arts Classes are perfect for you. 

Join us in Spanish Fork today and see how our team at Maple Mountain Martial Arts can keep you more active and motivated than ever before.


Tyler Kelly

Mr. Kelly is a 4th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo and has been studying martial arts since he was 5 years old. His training is mainly in Taekwondo, and Judo; however, as the owner and chief instructor of Maple Mountain Martial Arts he is always striving to learn new skills and techniques to pass on to his students.

For beginners the most relevant question is what is the teaching philosophy and what are the intangibles received from training. It’s more about who, than what! For example, it’s not likely you will enjoy and learn from any martial arts class if the instructor teaching that class is difficult to get along with. On the flip side, it is likely you will enjoy, and learn, if the instructor is experienced, professional and really cares about you.

Mr. Kelly and our team of instructors care about YOU. We are experienced, professional and dedicated to helping students learn martial arts and use martial arts as a vehicle to attain other goals. Those goals may be to lose weight and inches, get in the best shape of your life, or learn to defend yourself. Whatever your goals we will help you attain them.

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